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Volume 1, Eight by Eight (8 x 8) - "GET YOUR TAP ON"
Volume 1 contains 8 steps that are each 8 bar phrases, that's 2 choruses of material. Ideal for deve..
Volume 2, Progressions and Fundamentals- "GET YOUR TAP ON"
VOLUME 2 contains choreography to execute during class for combinations or for across the floor. Pic..
Volumes 3 - "GET YOUR TAP ON"
IF YOU ALREADY OWN VOLUMES 1 & 2 ... then get Volumes 3,4,& 5 for just $49.95. All three Vo..
"GET YOUR TAP ON" - All in One
Laurie has made her tap classes available to teachers and students around the world. The "Get Your..
Rich by Choice, Poor by Habit
This guide to life’s most powerful tools and principles is filled with concepts, activities, quizz..
Live Love Laugh DANCE
More that 200 inspirational quotations fill this extraordinary book, providing a great resource of..
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